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Bruce Launer began woodworking while assisting craftsmen restoring historic buildings in Santa Cruz California, that segued into a job at a woodworking studio creating interiors for boutiques and “themed” retail businesses. Bruce earned a Bachelors degree in Art from Eastern Oregon State University (formerly Eastern Oregon State College.). He now lives on South Whidbey Island in Washington State where he designs and constructs finely crafted art furniture and household items. Many pieces feature a juxtaposition of unfinished natural materials combined with highly finished hardwoods and handmade ceramic tiles.

"At some point all working artists are required to provide an artist’s statement. I'm not all that sure artists should be making statements because the work, really, should stand alone. So, having stated that, I guess I would label my work "Bauhaus-Dada." My intention is to erase the arbitrary lines created between Art, design, and craft."


Bruce Launer, Woodworker
8071 Headlands Way
Clinton, WA 98236
phone: (425) 879-4872

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